Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now On Sale! Onyx Sun Book 1


After several years of writing, editing, searching for agents, not getting agents, looking for publishers, getting rejected by publishers, deciding to self-publish, designing the artwork with Rudy, editing the manuscript, publishing advance review copies, getting a great review from the #1 reviewer on Amazon, reading in classes, having kids tell me how much they love the book, editing the book again, working with typesetters, corresponding with young fans of the book, sending the book to the printer, and then waiting... book, The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun, is finally done and available for sale to the general public!

If you've ever been a fan, read one of the advance review copies, like helping struggling authors, or are dying to get your hands on what one reader called his "favorite book after Lord of the Rings" (true quote), please head on over to where you can securely use PayPal to purchase a copy! You can also order it on Amazon, but people who order directly from get 10% off a copy personally signed by yours truly. Plus, I only get $1 per book from Amazon, while I make a good deal more from orders direct from my site.

The final hardcover is very exciting because it has:
  • 36 original illustrations - one at the top of every chapter!
  • Printed endpages with schematics of the Onyx Pioneer on the front and the Citadel Spire on the back
  • An exclusive epilogue, not available on the Advance Review Copies
  • A completely new first chapter
  • A unique launch code to give readers access to an online copy of the text where they can edit the entire book and share edits with friends!
Thanks to everyone who has helped make this a reality!



P.S. - Happy birthday Aiden! You inspired this book many years ago buddy!