Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midwest Book Review Covers the Onyx Sun!

I just found out about another nice review from a well-known industry publication, The Midwest Book Review. MBR covers mainly independent books like mine. So even though The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun is right on target for the kinds of books they look for, I wondered for a while after I submitted my novel if they'd cover it.

Thankfully, a few months later I did a random Google search and found out they had! Here's what they had to say:

The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun
Christopher Mahoney
Privately Published
9780979520259, $19.95,

Being one of the youngest astronauts ever sounds cool, until the inevitable evil buts its head into the picture. "The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun" follows Zack Goodspeed as he embraces his wildest dreams becoming part of a new generation of space explorers. But there may be trouble in his voyage to the moon, and it's up to Zack to act fast before his first mission turns into a disaster. "The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun" is a fun entry into a brand new youth science fiction series, highly recommended.