Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are We There Yet? Revised Book Launch Date


Well, unfortunately, I have to push back the publication date of my book one more time. See, when I published my advance review books, I found a few grammatical mistakes, which is common in advance releases. However, as I went through the book picking out the bad syntactical apples, I found myself editing the rest of the prose.

All of it. 80,000 words over 265 pages.

I pruned extra sentences. I honed dialog. I tightened each phrase.

With an average of 10 sentences changed per page, that's over 2,500 edits! Yikes. I've included a picture of one example page above.

The upshot of this arduous task is that while my book should have been at the typesetter and printer, it was in my hands being tweaked one final time. Normally, were my writing a full-time pursuit, I would have finished this in under a week. But with a full-time job that has recently included trips to Japan and Korea, I have averaged more like 10 pages every other day. Hence, my two-month delay.

I apologize to everyone who has been waiting anxiously for the final hardcover books to release! I do promise the story of the first Onyx Sun book will be much better as a result of my efforts. In the meantime, I have included a couple more chapter sketches from inside the hardcover to appease your appetite.

For now, I am not committing to a specific day for the hardcover launch, because that will depend on the time frames I get from typesetter and printer (two different companies) in the coming weeks. However, I can say I am shooting for November.

If you just can't wait for the book to release and would like me to read for your classroom or book group, or would just like a copy of one of the advance review books, please feel free to email me on this page: